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About Us

Our Mission

Specialists On Safety is committed to providing services and products to assist its clients to manage risk and safety issues in order to protect their employees, customers, assets, image, reputation and the public.

To fulfill this commitment and ensure you meet your legal and due dilligence obligations, we implement systems to ensure that;

  • safe and secure systems of work are implemented and observed and appropriate
    information and training is provided
  • suitable resources, equipment and facilities are provided and maintained
  • the relevant Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards are used as minimum acceptable requirements within your organization
  • all hazards and risks are identified, prioritised and controls or treatments are
  • all incidents are reported, recorded, investigated and remedial actions adopted to
    prevent recurrence
  • employees are encouraged to participate in the process
  • management and employee responsibilities are clearly documented, regularly
    reviewed and measured for constant improvement.

Our Aim
Specialists On Safety aims to provide the highest quality training and systems to ensure occupants of buildings and workplaces are prepared to respond appropriately in emergency situations and operate safely in day-to-day activities to protect life, property and the environment.

We provide a range of Occupational Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Emergency and Risk Management services to organizations of all sizes throughout Australia. We believe in providing systems, information and training to ensure that building owners, managers, employers and employees fulfill their legal and due dilligence responsibilities to occupants of their building.

Life safety of all occupants within buildings and workplaces is of paramount importance. By identifying potential risks and developing appropriate responses, Specialists On Safety assist you with increasing the chances of survival in an emergency. Through training, policy and procedure documentation, staff induction and general awareness training, SOS can raise your organization's understanding of safety and emergency situations and improve reactions if an incident occurs.

All systems and training conform to relevant legislation and Australian Standards. Training takes account of adult learning principles and participants are able to interact with facilitators to achieve competence in emergency response. All training and documentation is continually monitored and reviewed by our qualified, experienced staff. This ensures Specialists On Safety remains at the forefront of the safety industry.
You can benefit through;

  • Improved productivity through safer practices, reduced down time and improved staff morale;
  • Reduced costs of insurance;
  • Reduced likelihood of fines or prosecution for non-compliance with legislation;
  • Positive public image and confidence from clients and other stakeholders.